The CDC (Shishu Bikash kendro), the first of its kind within an acute care hospital in Bangladesh was established in 1992 to provide services for developmental disabilities and neurological impairments both in the OPD and for children being discharged from the inpatients. The centre is run by the Neurology, Child Development & Child PschycologyUnit and the services of the unit includes outpatient neurodevelopmental screening & care of acute neurological cases and follow-up programmes.. A multidisciplinary team of professionals comprising of physicians, psychologists, developmental therapists, neurophysiologists provide key services to the children and the family. The ultimate objective is to improve functional skills and adaptive behavior of the children. Although 50% of families come from Dhaka, a large proportion comes from rural areas.OPD neuro-developmental screening, inpatient care of acute neurological cases and follow-up, community projects, general assessment clinic (GAC), epilepsy-clinic, developmental therapy, psychological assessment, nutrition and dietetics, and joint-clinics on ophthalmology and orthopedics.