Department of Emergency, Observation & Referral Ward

This unit was established and started functioning from the 7th February, 2004 in the tin-shed-building near the entry gate of the hospital. The main purpose pf this unit is rapid turnover of the patients admitted in the hospital and to serve patients with the need for short hospital stay; long term patients also can be admitted in case of emergency. This unit is a whole-time observation unit and the doctors and nurses both are seated inside ward round the clock. Once these patients are settled, they can be gradually transferred to respective units. Mainly patients with gastroenteritis, ARI, seizure disorders, enteric fever are seen in this unit. The patients can be admitted and discharged any time of the day in this unit.

Name & Designation
Dr. Md. Abu Tayab
Associate Professor
Dr. Nahid Farzana
Assistant Professor
Dr. Muhammad Amjad Hossain
Intensivist (PICU) & incharge EOR
Dr. Nurun Nahar
Dr. A. K. M. Khairul Islam
Resident Medical Officer
Dr. Sefat Ahamad Bhuiyan
Resident Medical Officer
Dr. Md. Tanver Ahmed (Bappa)
Resident Medical Officer