Department of Paediatric Anesthesiology

  • To improve all the aspects of Services.
  • Like to improve Pre-Operative assessment and Post Operative Care.
  • Surgical ICU and HDU also our next plan.
  • For Academic and Service improvement- Diploma in Anesthesiology (D. A.) course will be our important plan.
  • For proper training we have a plan for rotaim duty our juniors to ICU and cardiac Anesthesiology department.
  • Over seas training of interested person for overall improvement is also our vision.
Name & Designation Qualification
Prof.(Dr.) Md. Shahidul Islam
Dr. Akhter Hossain Loban
Associate Professor
Dr. Millat-E-Ibrahim
Assistant Professor
Dr. Nazmoon Nahar
Assistant Professor
Dr. A. K. M. Jahangir Kabir
Assistant Professor
Dr. Sarabon Tahura
Assistant Professor
Dr. Md. Jahirul Islam
Assistant Professor


  • Our services are From
  • Pre-operative assessment and optimization of the patient.
  • Per-operative safe Anethesia with fluid Management.
  • Post operative proper care and pain Management.
  • Post operative fluid Management.
  • Proper training of the juniors.
  • Academic classess and weekly scientific discussion.
  • Academic classess of the MS student and those who are placed in our department.
  • Training of the doctors from out side of CMH, BIRDEM and other institute.


We are doing everything that we can but it may not be up-to-date.

We like to improve our services and quality of Anesthesia.