Hematology and Oncology unit presently located at the first floor of new building and also in the second floor of old building, comprising in total 18 nonpaying beds. Dhaka Shishu (Children) Hospital Thalassemia Center is also attached with our unit and it has 20 beds.

The paediatric Hematology and Oncology unit of Dhaka Shishu (Children) Hospital is the first and pioneer in Bangladesh. It started functioning back in 1983 for diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancers and haematological diseases in children.

Different types of Hematological disorder and Oncology patients from different parts of Bangladesh get admission in our unit for proper diagnosis and management. Apart from the non paying beds patients are also admitted in different paying wards and cabins.All Doctors of this unit routinely do bone marrow aspiration and also give intrathecal and systmic chemotherapy. Follow up is given to all hemato-oncology patients including all the thalassaemia patients daily in Hemtology ward. Thalassemia patients also get regular blood transfusion and iron chelation on day care basis.

This unit is enriched with professor, associate professor, assistant professor, registrar and post graduated medical officers. There are trainee doctors also. BICH conducts FCPS (Hemato-oncology) course. Various research & studies were conducted by consultants and doctors of this unit and published and presented in various journals and seminars. To create awareness about. Thalassemia and its management seminars and workshops are regularly being arranged for pediatricians, general practitioners as well as nurses.

In near future the Hemato-Oncology unit should be enriched with a floor space (single wing) in the new building for Borne Marrow Transplantation Center, bedside Hemato-Oncology laboratory, flow cytometry machine and arrangement for Radio therapy.